• Date: July 04, 2018

Correctly decorated dishes could adorn not only the feast but also give special taste to alcoholic drinks. Drunk faceted shots will become the object of general attention and jokes, strengthen the taste of alcohol and make any meeting unforgettable.

History of faceted glasses

Historically, traditional storage for vodka was faceted glass. Its first analogue was created in XVII century. It was produced from wood and had the appearance of several planks closely fitting to each other. Glasses for vodka are still the most popular in many countries. Strong alcohol could have different names in different nations, but it is undeniable that vodka is one of the most frequently taken beverages at festive events. For a long time, vodka has been a popular drink, nevertheless as any alcohol drink it requires certain rules of serving.

Buying gift sets of drunk faceted glasses, you will present a perfect gift to any person, since such practical and joyful present will not just stand idly by.



Features of drunk faceted glasses

The faceted glasses remind of the period of the Soviet Union but unlike that time our products are distinguished by their exceptional appearance and high quality of production. The shape, proportions, glass transparency exactly correspond to the norms of manufacturing and the culture of drinking strong alcohol.

+ The fragile shot is made of the high-quality glass.

+ The carefully maintained ergonomic, relief shape gives the best stability to the cup.

+ The glass from which the dishes are made meets all modern requirements, safety and environmental standards.

+ Each glass product has its own unique shape as it takes it during the heat treatment.

+ Transparent faceted glasses are polished before the final processing which significantly improves the quality of the glass.

+ The shots are nice and comfortable to keep in hand; the elegant design of the product is perfectly combined with its functionality.

+ The accessible price is another advantage of the set of vodka shots.

Exclusive glasses are packed in the wooden boxes and look presentable therewith such containers will not allow dishes to be damaged during the transportation.

It is easy to provide the festival mood for everyone who gathered at the table with drunk glasses Awesome by + Object. Gift sets of drunk faceted glasses are a real exclusive objects of decor, such a fashion souvenir which will be appreciated by friends, relatives and business partners.

Set of vodka shots is an amazing combination of practicality and a real work of art. Purchasing of such set is the case when there is an opportunity to escape from the spell of gray routine and decorate life with cheerful colors. Set of drunk faceted glasses could be great idea for both residential use and extraordinary restaurant. Notwithstanding the fact that the set of shots looks playful such glasses suit perfectly for formal and informal meetings.