• Date: July 11, 2018

Are you a connoisseur of strong Mexican drink or you frequently spend your time in the company of tequila lovers? Then you will for sure like extraordinary, joyful set of drunk shots for tequila!
You should drink tequila correct to taste and enjoy its peculiar aroma. Exclusive drunk shots not only unique in their appearance but also meet all requirements which are necessary for tequila glasses.

Sets of glasses Awesome by +Object are made from high-quality, durable, pure glass without interspersing of air or particles. Glass perfectly withstands sharp temperature changes, has increased resistance to the occurrence of chips and scratches. Dishes are designed for regular use, has a long service life. Gift glasses do not lose transparency and shine in time, remain as beautiful and spectacular as they were when you bought them.

+ The serving of alcoholic drink in elegant joyful glasses will be effective and impressive.
+ A special, chaotic shape of shots will encourage to uncover the unique taste of tequila.
+ Attractive and functional drunk glasses can be used by sommelier.

You also can buy the set of tequila shots as a present for your friend, colleague or boss. Practical and effective gift will certainly bring joy and positive emotions!



History and traditions of drinking tequila

Tequila is a traditional Mexican drink come from the province Jalisco. There an agave is growing from which that drink is made. An agave grows up for 12 years, it is remarkable that the plant grows only once. Flowers of agave ripe, the juice after the harvesting poured into vats for several days to ferment, and then distillation, the achieved drink is very strong 95% alcohol content. The prepared beverage is distilled in accordance with its brand.

Real connoisseurs of tequila drink it neat, without lime and salt. Such way of drinking tequila is called classic, it allows to feel the real taste of tequila. When tequila is served neat it should be of room temperature. The perfect glass capacity for tequila is 40ml.

The positive mood is the important part for every celebration! Tequila glasses will adorn any party! The joyful, unique shape of glasses puts into a good mood, make the strong drink tastier and aromatic. Serve the table with drunk glasses and you will notice the enthusiasm in the glance of every guest at once!

Drunk tequila glasses combine with everything what is necessary for funny and careless pastime: high quality, unique shape and functionality in use.