• Date: June 20, 2018

Whiskey is a national pride of the Scottish people. This drink, with its ancient history, is still one of the most popular in the world.  Aristocratic  drink has noble taste and  aroma,  and therefore requires special serving. Luxury set of glasses for whiskey is a wonderful present for real connoisseurs of this precious drink.

Do you want not only to please your colleagues and friends but also to present  them  a useful and practical present? Gift drunk glasses are exactly what you need! Thanks to their unusual and cheerful appearance even a conventional celebration will become a fire party!

Features of whiskey glasses by +Object

Glasses for the elite alcohol could show drink’s high grade and values. Original cups are presented in gorgeous sets. Massive, low-rise glasses with heavy bottom perfectly correspond to drink prestige.
All important parameters, which influence on comfort of use, are taken into account during production, such as diameter of bottom and top, angle of walls. All these criteria are very important as they help to tune in to aroma and special taste of whiskey. The wide glass perfectly suits for whiskey, cocktails on its base and some mixes of strong alcohol drinks. Glasses have ideal capacity — 260ml. Nevertheless, the cup has unusual form it is comfortable to keep it in hand.

Exclusive drunk glasses are the best present for the real connoisseurs of luxury alcohol drinks. A set will amuse your company and you; it not just looks weird but also practical in use. It creates a deceptive impression that the glasses are already "outdrink" and may fall but the first impression is false — in fact they are extremely durable and stable.


Our gift glasses for whiskey are not only of high quality, extraordinary shape but also have eco-friendly package. All sets have unique thermally-modified wooden box. Thermally modified wood is 100% eco-friendly material which particular character allows it to have world-wide fame. Heat treating of wood is carried out without the influence of chemical components.

Glasses are made of transparent sodium-calcium silicate glass. The very process of formation occurs in glass-bending furnace, where glass is deformed under the influence of high temperature and own weight taking an improvised shape. Having decided to buy the set of rocks glasses you will become the owner of the exclusive present which could positively change the culture of drinking alcohol and the surrounding atmosphere.