• Date: June 27, 2018

Grandiose feasts are frequently a part of special events any of which does not happen without the use of beautiful dishes and glasses. For that reason, if you are looking for original present the Set of faceted glasses is exactly what you need!

Glasses could be of different shapes, types and capacities. They are divided according to the purpose of use and style. Special drunk glasses are needed to create colorful atmosphere of holiday just a slight glance at them could lift your spirit.

Drunk glasses are so outstanding that they easily conquer you, your friends and relatives. Any person could buy the set of faceted glass because it is ideal to both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. Faceted drunk glasses obtain their weird shapes through the special heat treatment in ovens under high temperature. The manufacturing process is under control but it has not succeeded yet to create two equal glasses. The drunk glass is a unique piece of art the owner of which can become everyone.

Despite the visual fragile and instability, the gift glasses are very firm and resistant. The shape of items and their construction are precisely elaborated; the proper organization of simple symmetry of the lower part of the glass allows it to be stable. Sets of faceted glasses are packed in original eco wooden box. This box safe glasses from damages during the transportation. That wooden box looks like a gift package.

Exclusive glasses are suitable for both home use and as a present for friends and relatives. Furthermore, such drinking glasses could become beautiful adornments for public places which appreciate their clients and want to amaze them. Drunk glasses could become a visiting card for coffee-houses, bars and restaurants.


Drunk faceted glasses help to create special atmosphere, entourage at a party, birthdays, informal meetings. Gift drunk glasses of extraordinary shape will become the object of general attention, adorn any feast!

You have an opportunity to order additional service such as product branding (of glasses and wooden box). Coating the glass surface with inscription, logo, trademark or name. Branding is an effective instrument which makes a unique souvenir from glasses.